Hearing Colloquium Copenhagen

Professor Andrew J. Oxenham, University of Minnesota, USA, will be our next invited speaker at at the Hearing Colloquium Copenhagen.

Title: Is temporal fine structure really temporal?The case of frequency modulation

The human auditory system is capable of capturing timing information
from the temporal fine structure of sounds with exquisite sub-microsecond
accuracy for the purposes of localizing sounds in space. It has been
proposed that similar mechanisms are used to extract the frequency or
pitch of sounds, via a putative neural mechanism that can estimate the
stimulus-driven spike timing in the auditory nerve in response to the
stimulus temporal fine structure. This talk will present evidence from
empirical and modeling studies that the auditory system is insensitive to
neural timing cues related to monaural temporal fine structure, and
instead codes frequency, and specifically frequency modulation (FM), in
terms of place of excitation along the cochlea and amplitude modulation
(AM). The results, which suggest a unitary code for FM across all rates
and carrier frequencies, have important implications for the development
of new approaches to auditory prostheses, such as cochlear implants.


Mon 25 Mar 19
15:30 - 16:30


DTU Building 352, Room 105