INSPIRE Copenhagen Winter School

Monday 10 Feb 14

On January 29, our Hearing Systems group organized a Winter School on the topic of “Concepts and computational models of robust bottom-up encoding”, in connection with the meeting of the EU Initial Training Network INSPIRE (Investigating Speech Processing in Realistic Environments).

Researchers from Hearing Systems (Torsten Dau, Bastian Epp, Simon Krogholt Christiansen, and Nicolas Le Goff) as well as guest speakers from Interacoustics (James Harte) and Oldenburg University (Volker Hohmann) gave lectures on auditory modelling to a group of young researchers from different European universities. The day, that took place at Kosmopol in Copenhagen, also included a poster session and practical exercises on the topic.

The lectures generated many questions and stimulated discussion amongst the participans.

The Winter School was followed by the biannual meeting of the INSPIRE network, during which PhD students and postdocs presented updates of their various projects covering many aspects of speech perception in adverse conditions. PhD students Gusztáv Lőcsei and Johannes Zaar from DTU are part of the network with respective projects on individual differences in hearing loss and microscopic speech-intelligibility predictions. Four other PhD students from other universities within INSPIRE will also work in collaboration with DTU and visit Denmark during their projects in 2014 and 2015. In addition to updates on collaborations and research activities within INSPIRE, lectures on cochlear implants and signal processing techniques for noise reduction were part of the meeting.


Simon Krogholt Christiansen explains how the peripheral  auditory system
affects our ability to segregate sources

Other sessions included the topics of “Life after the PhD”, to help PhD students plan their future careers, as well as “Getting published”, with discussions about the publication process in scientific journals, and with the participation of Jean Kergomard, editor in chief of the European acoustics journal Acta Acustica, as a special guest.

The next meeting of the INSPIRE network will be a workshop on the “Use of speech synthesis for psychoacoustic and phonetics research”, organized by the University of Edinburgh in July 2014.

 Students conduct a computational exercise
investigating ITD-based sound source localization in complex environments.

From January 2012 til 2016, the Marie Curie Initial Training Network Investigating Speech Processing In Realistic Environments (INSPIRE) provided research opportunities for 13 PhD students (Early Stage Researchers) and 3 postdocs (Experienced Researchers) to study speech communication in real-world conditions.
The network consists of 10 European research institutes and 7 associated partners (5 companies and 2 academic hospitals).

The senior researchers in the network are academics in computer science, engineering, psychology, linguistics, hearing science, as well as Research and Development scientists from leading businesses in acoustics and hearing instruments, and ear, nose and throat specialists.
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