The Princess, the Minister, Jens and Gerard. Photo by Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc

Royal interest in the research at Hearing Systems

Monday 27 Apr 15
by Eva Helena Andersen


Jens Hjortkjær
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 30 29 16 90


Gerard Encina-Llamas
DTU Health Tech
DTU had a Royal guest at the opening of the Festival of Resarch on Thursday April 23 when HRH The Crown Princess Mary visited DTU Skylab. Especially Hearing Systems from DTU Electrical  Engineering  with the visually controlled eye-tracking facilities, got the the royal guest’s attention.

The Crown Princess was welcomed by Minister of Education and Research Sofie Carsten Nielsen (R) and Vice President at DTU Henrik Wegener. In addition to participating in the official program the princess also got time to talk to many of DTU's researchers. She was very impressed by the many projects, but especially Hearing Systems from DTU Electrical  Engineering  with the eye-tracking facilities, caught the royal guest’s attention:
“I find the hearing research
very interesting and how it can benefit so many people who have difficulties in hearing,” Crown Princess Mary said.

he cognitive hearing instrument not only receives audio signals, but also signals from the user's brain and eyes to amplify the sound sources towards which the listener turns her attention. In situations where more people are talking at the same time as at a cocktail party, this new technology is able to identify and amplify the sound sources that the user is trying to focus on.
would have liked my children to have been part of this today. This arises ones curiosity and gives a deeper understanding of the importance of research,” The Crown Princess said to ‘Billed Bladet’.
Caption: Crown Princess Mary and Minister of Education and Research Sofie Carsten Nielsen were impressed by the facilities demonstrated by Hearing Systems researchers Jens Hjortkjær and Gerard Encina Llamas. Photo by Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc.

"I find the hearing research very interesting and how it can benefit so many people who have difficulties in hearing"
HRH The Crown Princess Mary



The Festival of Research is a nationwide festival that lasts three days. This year it took place on April 23-25. The festival offers more than 600 events and talks in Denmark. The aim is to raise awareness and stimulate interest in research in the Danish population, and develop understanding of the importance of research has on society and everyday life. In 2015, it is the eleventh time that the Ministry of Education and Research, in cooperation with local actors, invites to research with HRH Crown Princess Mary as patroness.