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Press coverage

In January 2023, journalist Thomas Lund Hansen from Jyllands Posten visited Hearing Systems's laboratories in the search of silence. Professor Torsten Dau showed Thomas the laboratory facilities and explained how Hearing Systems use the facilities to learn more about hearing and improve various hearing aid features. During his visit, Thomas also spent 45 minutes alone in the audio-visual immersion lab (AVIL). Read about his experiences here (in Danish).


In October 2021, two professors from the Hearing Systems Section gave both presentations within their fields at a seminar for hearing impaired people. Associated Professor Jeremy Marozeau talked about Cochlear Implants and enjoying music despite a hearing loss. Assistant Professor Abigail Kressner, who also is working at the newley established Copenhagen Hearing and Balance Center (CHBC) at Rigshospitalet, gave a presentation about CI rehabilitation. The magazine Hørelsen from the Danish Hard of Hearing organization features an article about it. Read the article here (in Danish).

In September 2021, the Magazine Hørelsen brought two articles (in Danish): An interview with Torsten Dau about the close collaboration between DTU, the hearing aid industry and hospitals.There is also an article about Anna Josefine Munch's PhD thesis, which is about the effects of noise and hearing loss on conversational dynamics. Read the interview with Torsten Dau here.

Read the article about the Josefine’s project here.

In August 2020, the German magazine “Der Spiegel” is featuring a photo story from science laboratories taken by photographer Hendrik Spohler. The photo of AVIL (The Audio-Visual-Immersion-Lab) is on the front page. In the photo series you can also find it on page 12 with a short description of our activities (in German).
Der Spiegel:
Das ganze Universum im Labor

In January 2020, a podcast on "den2radio" brought an interview (in Danish) with Torsten Dau, Head of Hearing Systems, about hidden hearing loss and the BEAR project (Better Hearing Rehabilitation Project). Listen to the poadcast here.

In September 2019, Hørelsen (the Danish Hard of Hearing Association) brought an interview with Mads Klokker, Head of Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery & Audiology, about Rigshospitalet where research activities with DTU are being expanded with a new centre.
Read the article
here (in Danish).

Recently, DR2 made some recordings in AVIL (audio-visual immersion lab). On December 20 2018 it was broadcasted in Danish television. Learn more about "superheroes and superhearing":…/simons…/simons-superkraefter-supersanser
The part recorded at DTU starts at 7:20

A lot has happened since Centre for Applied Hearing Research, CAHR, started up fifteen years ago until today and a lot of different research projects take place for the benefit of hearing aids and CI users. In December 2018, the Danish Magazine Hørelsen brought an article about Hearing Systems."Masser af høreforskning på DTU". Read the article here.

In November 2018, an article was featured at the Carlsberg Foundation’s webpage about Sara Miay Kim Madsen’s postdoctoral project. Read the article here.

Hørelsen (the Danish Hard of Hearing Association) brought an article about ISH (International Symposium on Hearing 2018) which this year took place in Snekkersten, Denmark, arranged by Hearing Systems, DTU. Read the article here (in Danish, Sept 18)

In May 2018, there was an article in the scientific online magazine about "intelligent hearing aids", one of the projects at Hearing Systems COCOHA. Read more abot it here: (in Danish). Same topic was in Berlingske Tidende, Jyllands-Posten and Kamik Posten.

In February 2018, the Magazine Hørelsen brought an article (in Danish) "De skal forske i skjulte høretab" about the new interdisciplinary synergy project on "hidden" hearing loss supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.
Read the article here

In September 2017, Hørelsen had two articles about projects in the Hearing Systems group:
An interview with Torsten Dau and an article about the Cognitive Control Of a Hearing Aid (COCOHA) project which several of our researchers are involved in.
Read the interview with Torsten Dau here
Read about the COCOHA project here

GN Hearing brought an interview with Torsten Dau in their Magazine Resonans, 1 2017
Read the article here

In June 2017, DR Deaf TV broadcasted a special theme about cochlear implants. Associate professor Jeremy Marozeau from Hearing Systems, DTU Elektro, has been interviewed and explains about the function of a cochlear implant (CI). Watch it here

The first International Symposium on CI and Music was held at Eriksholm Research Centre in October 2016. It brought together researchers from all parts of the world for two days to focus on how Cochlear implant (CI) users can get the most out of music.Musik og CI article in Hørelsen December 2016 (in Danish)
Read our article in English about the conference here

PhD student Niclas Janßen is investigating how people with both a hearing aid and a cochlear implant can benefit from being able to combine the sounds from both ears.
Read the article and watch the video, produced at Eriksholm Research Centre October 2016, here.

One of the student projects from the Environmental Acoustics course, where the students worked together with Miljøpunktet is described in this article in City Avisen (June 29 2016)

KEF, the company who provided the loudspeakers for the new audio-visual immersion lab, has produced a video about it (Jan 2016)
Read the article ‘A technological playground of 64 loudspeakers’ here

Researchers from all over the world participated in the Fifth International Symposium, arranged by Hearing Systems, the ISAAR board members and GN ReSound, this time focusing on on individual hearing problems. 
Fokus på individuelle høreproblemer
Article in Hørelsen no 7.15

On October 23, 2015, the News Magazine ‘Ingeniøren’ brought an article about the new Audio-Visual-Immersion-Lab at Hearing Systems.Read the article online here. At Ingeniøren's website there are also more pictures from the new laboratory.

Members of the Hard of Hearing Association
, a business academy and a rehabilitation centre  were among those who showed interest when two of Hearing Systems’ researchers volunteered for ‘Book a researcher’ during the Festival of Research. Read the article (in Danish) in 'Hørelsen' (Oct 2015)
Read the article 'Hearing researchers reaching new audiences' on our webpage

In September 2015 DYNAMO broght an article about the new Audio-Visual-Immersion Lab. Nyt lydlaboratorium på DTU

'Transforming DTU' is describing the different building processes at DTU at the moment. When sound is not just sound (Pdf)

In June 2015 the inaguration of the world-class hearing labs took place. 'Hørelaboratorier i verdensklasse' i Hørelsen September (in Danish)

New studies show that there is a need for new tests to detect 'hidden hearing loss'.
The Magazine 'Hørelsen' published an article about this problem with an interview with Pernille Holtegaard, Audiologist at Hearing Systems: 'Young adults in risk of hearing damage' (Hørelsen June 2015 - in Danish)

At the opening of The Festival of Research April 23, HRH Crown Princess Mary tried some of the facilities demonstrated by Hearing Systems researchers.
Crown Princess Mary enhanted by the World of Research
Article (in Danish) in the Royal Magazine (Billed Bladet) April 29, 2015

Fokus på Cocktail Party Problemet
Article about Jens Hjortkjær's postdoc project in Hørelsen Sept. 2014

Samarbejde styrker høreforskningen
Article in DTU avisen May 2014 (in Danish
Collaboration strenghtens hearing research (read the article in English)

Synet manipulerer hørelsen
Article about Kasper Eskelund's Ph.D project in Hørelsen 16.4 2014

Hæderspris til professor Torsten Dau
Hørelsen 16.4 2014

Honorary award presented to Professor Torsten Dau
On March 7 Torsten Dau was celebrated at an award ceremony at DTU. Brinch’s honorary award is given to a scientist as an acknowledgment for outstanding scientific work. (DTU News March 13 2014)

Hearing Systems represents DTU in Euro Tech video
In unique cooperation with industry, Hearing Systems is featured in a film produced for Euro Tech, the European Universities Alliance, facilitating cooperation between four European universities and the industry (DTU News 9th December 2014)

Vi forstår stadig for lidt, når det gælder hørelsen Danske Medicotekniske Landsmøde December 2013

I front for en bedre hørelse Hørelsen 8 2013

ISAAR Symposium Høreforskning på højt plan Hørelsen 8 2013

Hearing technology options
The scene was set for an interesting debate among professionals in all parts of the hearing area when the ATV Group Electrical- and IT (Danish Academy of Technical Sciences) arranged a multidisciplinary meeting 21 May at Widex. One of the invited speakers was Torsten Dau, professor at Centre for Applied Hearing Research, DTU Elektro. (Hearing Systems News 7th June 2013)

Kunsten at høre gennem støj Hørelsen 4 2013

Audiogrammet fortæller ikke alt Hørelsen 1 2013 

Dansk forskingscenter i verdensklasse Hørelsen 10 2012

In 2010, Torsten Dau received 'The Early Career Award of the International Commission for Acoustics' (ICA).
The award was presented to Torsten Dau at the International Congress on Acoustics in Sydney, Australia in August 2010.
Reed more about the The Early Career Award of ICA at WikipediA

Nyt DTU-laboratorium skal løse gåden om høretabet, Ingeniøren 28.10 2010

Støj i øret bliver til sød musik i hjernen Politiken Videnskab 31.8 2008

Dansk model af den menneskelige lydopfattelse får international anerkendelse Hørelsen 8 2008

Støj i øret bliver til musik i hjernen Hørelsen 8 2008

Ny viden om høretab Dagens Puls April 2008 

Ny forskning giver indsigt i individuelle høreproblemer, Hørelsen 3, 2008

Danmarks Erhvervsforsknings Akademi, DEA, har tildelt professor Torsten Dau årets erhversforskerpris, DTU Nyheder, 23. november 2007.

Et spørgsmål om hår Weekendavisen March 9th 2007

Høreforskningens Piontek  Dynamo Spetember 6th 2006

Høreapparatindustri på fælles frekvens  Dynamo September 6th 2006

Derfor bliver Oticon i Danmark Dynnamo September 6th 2006

What does the ear tell the brain?, 'BRIDGING from technology to society' DTU's 175 years anniversary book 2004

Tavse laboratorier til CAHR, CampusXpress, 20. januar 2004

Et vanskeligt valg mellem to ønskejobs Ingeniøren, nr. 42, 17. oktober 2003