Aural Assessment By means of Binaural Algorithms

Several researchers from the Hearing Systems Section will participate in the 12th meeting of Aural Assessment By means of Binaural Algorithms.
Aural Assessment By means of Binaural Algorithms (AABBA) is an intellectual open group of scientists collaborating on development and applications of models of human spatial hearing.
AABBA's goal is to promote exploration and development of binaural and spatial models and their applications.AABBA members are academic scientists willing to participate in our activities. We meet annually for an open discussion and progress presentation, especially encouraging to bring in students and young scientists associated with members’ projects to our meetings. Our activities consolidate in joint publications and special sessions at international conferences. As a relevant tangible outcome, we provide validated (source) codes for published models of binaural and spatial hearing to our collection of auditory models, known as the auditory modeling toolbox (AMT).


Thu 16 Jan 20 8:30 -
Fri 17 Jan 20 15:00


The Austrian Academy of Sciences Acoustics Research Institute (ARI) Vienna