TINACT Workshop

Severeal researchers from the Hearing Systems section are participating in this virtual workshop.
The workshop will be done remotely using teams.


Clinical trials in industry – Anke Plasmans (Cochlear, BE)
Future of cochlear implants (CI) – Bas van Dijk (Cochlear, BE)
Virtual cochlear visit
Advanced innovation at Cochlear – Carl van Himbeeck (Cochlear, BE)
Stress-induced changes in the animal auditory system – Ewa Domarecka (Charité)
Investigating the neurophysiological mechanisms of the Zwicker tone - Byunghee Choi (CRNS Marseille)
Relating a behavioral model and brain activity in mice by fMRI – Punitkumar Makani (UMCG)
Characterization of supra-threshold listening deficits in listeners with tinnitus – Chiara Casolani (DTU)

Tinnitus management through electrical stimulation in CI users – Kelly Assouly (Cochlear and UMCU)
Developing customized acoustic stimulation to improve tinnitus – Elza Daoud (CNRS Marseille)
Exploring innovative hearing aid techniques for tinnitus treatment – Mie Jorgensen (DTU)
Sound therapy and CI programming for tinnitus – Prof. Richard Tyler (U Iowa, USA)

Tinnitus subtyping and epidemiology – Inge Stegeman & Maaike Rademaker (UMC Utrecht, NL) 
Selecting evidence-based measures to assess core outcome domains for sound-based interventions for chronic subjective tinnitus in adults - Myriam Shabbir (Nottingham)
Biomarkers of tinnitus-related distress in chronic tinnitus patients – Laura Basso (Charite)
Neural markers of sustained perception: Clinical diagnostics for acute and chronic subjective tinnitus - Gregory Ginnan (Erlangen)
New approaches to assess the psychoacoustic properties of tinnitus and differentiate tinnitus sub-types - Falco Enzler (CNRS Marseille)

Neural markers of sustained perception: Animal model for acute and transient subjective tinnitus – Veralice Lanaia (Erlangen)
Biophysical mechanisms of the imbalance between excitation and inhibition in tinnitus - Dora Persic (UMCG)
Measuring the brain’s neurochemistry in tinnitus and hearing loss using non-invasive Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy - Anissa Lintnag Ramadhani (Nottingham)
Focused fMRI and brainstem evoked response audiometry to probe the brainstem mechanism in tinnitus - Shahin Safazadeh (UMCG)



Mon 21 Sep 20 9:45 -
Thu 24 Sep 20 12:00


The workshop will be done remotely using teams.