DTAS Meeting

Researchers from Hearing Systems will participate at the annual meeting arranged by DTAS (Dansk Teknisk Audiologisk Selskab) Danish Technical Audiological Society.


 “From plasticity to stability of auditory brainstem development”
Ed Rubel, Professor Emeritus of Physiology and Biophysics, University of Washington

 “A mechanism for detecting sound envelopes in the hearing organ”
James M. Harte, Interacoustics Research Unit (IRA)

”Electrocochleography, current and emerging applications”
”Lessons learned from chairing a communication disorders program for 34 years”
John Ferraro, Professor and Former Doughty-Kemp Chair, Director

Rayleigh Medal key note: ”Assessment of auditory function based on research and engineering” Claus Elberling

The BEAR-project: “How to assess the performance of hearing-aid users”
Jens Bo Nielsen, Technical University of Denmark

The BEAR project: “Patient reported benefits of hearing aid treatment in a large Danish cohort”
Jesper Hvass Schmidt, Odense University Hospital

“Fishing, drug development and the prevention of acquired hearing loss”
Ed Rubel Professor Emeritus of Phys

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Fri 27 Sep 19 12:00 -
Sat 28 Sep 19 13:00


Hotel Vejlefjord

Sanatorievej 26,

7140 Stouby