PhD degree granted to Rémi Decorsière

Wednesday 30 Oct 13


Ewen MacDonald
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 54
On Monday, October 14, Rémi Decorsière successfully defended his PhD thesis titled 'Spectogram inversion and potential applications for hearing research´.

In his thesis Rémi Decorsière tackled the difficult problem of creating a time-domain signal from an envelope-representation of a signal, a class of representations that includes both traditional and auditory sepctograms. Beyond developing a reconstruction method, he explored two applications which demonstrate how his technique can be used to investigate current topics in hearing research.

In the first application, he demonstrated that temporal fine structure information traditionally assumed to be lost at high frequenscies, can still be recovered from an auditory spectogram. In the second application he generated novel noise and speech stimuli with varying modulation spectra but fixed energetic masking properties. Using these stimuli, Rémi Decorsière was able to directly demonstrate the consequences of modulation masking on speech intelligibility.