Frederic Theunissen

Guest visit from UC Berkeley

Monday 13 Jan 14


Bastian Epp
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 53

In December, the Hearing Systems Group had Frederic Theunissen (Head of the Auditory Science Lab at UC Berkeley, USA) as a guest for one week.

Frederic Theunissen is an expert in auditory neuroscience, the neural basis of vocal learning in songbirds and speech perception. Besides discussions of ongoing and upcoming research projects, Frederic Theunissen presented his work in a talk titled "From sounds to meaning: an investigation of the neural representation of communications calls in song birds and humans".
As an external partner of the Oticon Centre of Excellence for Hearing and Speech Sciences (CHeSS), there will be a close collaboration in projects investigating information processing in the auditory periphery and the analysis of neural activity using fMRI. The partnership will also facilitate the exchange of research staff between DTU and UC Berkeley.

Link to Frederic Theunissen Berkeley

Photo: Both students and staff in the Faculty benefitted the visit of Frederic Theunissen in December. Here, it is PhD student Richard McWalter (right) who has the opportunity to discuss with Frederic Theunissen about the statistical representation of natural sound signals along the auditory pathway.