IHCON 2014

Friday 22 Aug 14
The Hearing Systems group was well represented at The International Hearing Aid Research Conference (IHCON) 2014 that was held in Lake Tahoe, California on August 13-17.

The purpose of the conference is to advance knowledge and to facilitate progress in hearing aid research and development through the exchange of current research findings and technical advances related to the treatment of hearing impairment with hearing aids and other technologies.
The International Hearing Aid Research Conference (IHCON) seeks to foster interactions and discussions between audiologists, scientists and engineers. One of IHCON’s goals is to bridge the gap between developments in hearing aid design and the scientific and clinical evaluations of those developments.
Some of the highlights this year were the talks by Stefan Launer, Vice President Advanced Concepts and Technologies at Phonak AG, and by Graham Naylor, Eriksholm Research Centre (Oticon).
These representatives from the hearing-aid industry tried to turn the attention of the attending academics toward some specific research topics they currently find very interesting and which they believe the academic society generally have neglected to investigate. These talks initiated some debate about where the hearing-aid development seems to be heading and whether this is the right path or not.

The Hearing Systems group was represented with several posters. Alan Wiinberg (in the middle) got a scholarship for his poster.
Some participants also took the opportunity for kayaking in the spare time. 

The conference was well organized. There was time for poster presentations, lectures, networking as well as time for enjoying the nice surroundings. Torsten Dau (left) head of Hearing Systems was selected as Technical Co-chair for IHCON 2016.

Posters from the Hearing Systems group:
Federica Bianchi:
Pitch coding of complex tones in the normal impaired auditory system

Henrik Gert Hassager:
Contributions of spectral details of the direct and reverberant components to sound externalization

Christoph Scheidiger:
Get the most out of confusion matrices: A vector space metric to analyze confusions

Alan Wiinberg:
Effects of dynamics compression on temporal modulation transfer functions and modulation depth discrimination of normal hearing and hearing-impaired listeners (Scholarship)

Some of the presenters:
Anu Sharma:
Changes in cortical resource allocation in age-related hearing loss

Graham Naylor:
Audiological rehabilitation is about unique human beings with real lives: Trends in the examination of individual differences and auditory ecology

Sara MK Madsen:
The effect of amplitude compression on the ability to hear out individual lines in music

Read more about the IHCON Conference and download the full program here

Next IHCON will be in august 2016:

Technical Chairs: Peggy Nelson (University of Minnesota) and Gabrielle Saunders (Oregon Health and Science University)
Technical Co-Chairs: Torsten Dau (Hearing Systems, Denmark) and Gitte Keidser (HEARing Cooperative Research Centre, Australia)