PhD degree successfully defended by Suyash Narendra Joshi

Wednesday 22 Mar 17


Bastian Epp
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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On March 17, Suyash Narendra Joshi successfully defended his PhD thesis titled "Modelling auditory nerve responses to electrical stimulation ".
The examiners were all impressed by his presentation and argumentation during the defense.
“The defense presentation was well organized and presented in a clear and professional manner. The candidate was able to field questions during the examination, showing a strong familiarity with the literature in his field. We were also impressed by the candidate’s ability to quickly grasp and respond to new ideas and models that were raised during the examination. It was clear that he intends to pursue this general area of research, and was eager to take advantage of suggestions and ideas that were discussed during the examination,” they announced afterwards.

Leftmost: Censor Dr. Robert P. Carlyon, MRC Brain and Cognitive Sciences Unit, Cambridge,UK
Co supervisor Professor Torsten Dau, DTU Elektro

Censor Professor Laurel H. Carney, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering & Dept. of Neurosciences, University of Rochester, NY, USA

Associate professor Jeremy Marozeau, DTU Elektro
PhD Suyash Narendra Joshi, DTU Elektro
Principal supervisor Associate Professor Bastian Epp, DTU Elektro