PhD degree successfully defended by Alan Wiinberg

Wednesday 28 Feb 18


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Bastian Epp
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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On February 21, Alan Wiinberg successfully defended his PhD thesisPerceptual effects of non-linear hearing aid amplification strategies".

One of the most common reported complaints from people with sensorineural hearing loss is difficulties in understanding speech in complex acoustic environments. Some of these difficulties are caused by loss of cochlear compression, which results in reduced sensitivity to soft sounds, steeper loudness growth, and altered temporal resolution compared to normal-hearing people. In an attempt to compensate for the loss of cochlear compression, many modern hearing aids use a compressive amplification strategy. However, while speech perception might be improved by hearing-aid compression, the provided level-dependent amplification may lead to undesired distortions of the binaural cues which are essential for spatial perception.

In his thesis, Alan Wiinberg conducted several studies to investigate the effects of non-linear hearing-aid amplification strategies on hearing-impaired listeners’ spatial perception, temporal resolution, and speech perception. Overall, it is expected that the outcomes of this thesis will influence the development of future hearing-aid signal processing strategies and improve the quality of life of hearing-aid users.

Caption (Photo Henrik Hvidberg):
Leftmost: Co-supervisor Bastian Epp, DTU
Professor Armin Kohlrausch, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Principal supervisor Professor Torsten Dau, DTU
PhD Alan Wiinberg
Co-supervisor Morten Løve Jepsen, Widex
Associate Professor Ewen MacDonald, DTU
Professor James Kates, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA