International Symposium on Hearing 2018

Friday 22 Jun 18


Sébastien Santurette
Affiliated Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Bastian Epp
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Jeremy Marozeau
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Researchers from all over the world travelled to Snekkersten, Denmark in order to participate in the 18th International Symposium on Hearing (ISH). This year’s theme was "Hearing: Psychophysics, Physiology, and Models".

On June 10-15, scientists from eighteen different countries met to give lectures and talk about the topic of this year which the organizers from Hearing Systems had prepared.

Head of Hearing Systems TorstenDau welcomed all participants:

"Even if ISH has more fundamental topics about hearing science and is not so much about applied hearing science, there has been great support from the industry and several companies, which have both supported financially and also have participants at the conference,” He said.



Between the many interesting lectures and talks there were opportunities to discuss the topics and network in the nice surroundings at Comwell Hotel Borupgaard, Snekkersten. ISH is also a great opportunity for young scientists to approach more experienced researchers and vice versa.



Sarah Verhulst, Associate Professor at Ghent University Belgium, received her PhD at DTU and is familiar with the Hearing Systems group. Here she gave a presentation on the topic “Supra-threshold psychoacoustics and envelope-following response relations: Normal-hearing, synaptopathy and cochlear gain loss".



There were opportunities time for networking in the breaks and engaging in discussions. Here are some of the organizers from the Hearing Systems Group





Nicolas Grimault from Université Claude Bernard, Lyon France, gave a presentation of a Wi-Fi based Real-time hearing loss simulator (developed by the group) which the participants had the chance to try on during the day.




“This should be part of the education for teachers working with people with hearing loss. It’s a challenge,” said Jungmee Lee, Research Associate Professor, University of Florida, who is listening with 20 dB hearing loss.





Andrew Oxenham, Professor at University of Minnesota, tries out how it is having lunch with a hearing loss and at the same time having conversations.





I the middle of the week, a social event was planned including a guided tour to Kronborg Castle, Elsinore, a boat trip to Humlebæk Harbor at the east coast ending with a visit and dinner at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.



Arriving at Humlebæk Harbor included transportation in little boats.





Adrian KC Lee, Associate Professor, University of Washington gave the presentation on the topic: ”Effects of hearing loss on maintaining and switching attention”.



How does the auditory system access both the local and global information?
Xianbin Tens (Max Planck Institute for Emperical aesthetics) gave a talk on this topic “
Temporal order judgment reveals local-global auditory processes”.




About ISH
The International Symposium on Hearing (ISH) has been held approximately every three years in Europe since 1969. The hallmark of this truly interdisciplinary meeting is to bring together well-known researchers as well as young talents specializing in psychophysics, physiology and models of hearing. This connection stimulates discussion on the physiological mechanisms underlying auditory perception and provides the basis for a better understanding of auditory function. Modelling approaches complement the experimental studies and serve as a framework for interpreting the results and developing new experimental paradigms. The topics will cover both fundamental concepts of neural coding and signal processing at various levels along the auditory pathway, consequences for auditory perception in various acoustic environments, as well as implications for compensation strategies for people with hearing impairment.

ISH is a small collegiate meeting typically held in a cloistered setting. The program consisted of a podium of 51 presentations of about 20 min. There were no parallel sessions, and participants were expected to attend the majority of the sessions throughout the week. Each presenter also writes a paper, which will  be published in a special open access issue in Acta Acustica united with Acustica in Fall 2018

The total number of participants, including podium speakers was 90 people.
Organizers: Sébastien Santurette, Ewen MacDonald, Bastian Epp, Jeremy,
Caroline van Oosterhout, Katrine Bang Termansen, Torsten Dau, Hearing Systems.

Read more about ISH and see the program here
The next ISH Conference Symposium will be held in 2021 in Lyon.



ISH 2018 sponsors