PhD degree successfully defended by Andreu Paredes Gallardo

Friday 07 Sep 18


Jeremy Marozeau
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Torsten Dau
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Sara Miay Kim Madsen
DTU Health Tech

On August 31, Andreu Paredes Gallardo successfully defended his PhD thesis “Behavioral and objective measures of auditory stream segregation in cochlear implant users".

In his thesis, Andreu Paredes Gallardo investigated auditory scene analysis stream segregation in individuals using a cochlear-implant in three experiments combining behavioral and electrophysiological (electroencephalographic, EEG) methods. The results have strong implications for basic research in the field of cochlear implant. Additionally, they could have implications for clinical practice; for example, the results might inform the design of clinical tests of auditory sequence perception in CI (cochclear implant) users and improve speech perception in noise (the famous problem of the cocktail party!).
Andreu Paredes Gallardo
gave a 45 min presentation of his work. The question-answer session lasted two hours. Andreu Paredes Gallardo responded well at all times to questions which covered general and highly-detailed specific aspects of his work.  Overall, the committee agreed that the thesis was remarkably clear and thorough, and that the presentation was of very high quality. The three studies form a coherent whole, and their results nicely concur to inform on a common topic.

Examiner Senior Research Scientist Christophe Micheyl, Starkey Ltd., France

Co-supervisors Professor Torsten Dau and Postdoc Sara Madsen, DTU Elektro

PhD Andreu Paredes Gallardo

Chairperson at the Defense Associate Professor Bastian Epp, DTU Elektro

Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Jeremy Marozeau, DTU Elektro

Senior Scientist Monita Chatterjee, Boys Town National Research Hospital, USA and Associate Professor Tobias Andersen, DTU Compute