PhD degree successfully defended by Niclas Janssen

Friday 30 Aug 19


Jeremy Marozeau
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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On August 19, Niclas Janssen successfully defended his thesis “Binaural Streaming in Cochlear Implant Patients”.

Niclas Janssen defended his Ph.D. titled “Binaural Streaming in Cochlear Implant Patients” in front of an international jury. In his project, Niclas studied how bimodal listeners, i.e. people equipped with a hearing aid on one ear and a cochlear implant on the other ear, perceive sounds. Specifically, he tested whether they can integrate the sound input from both devices into a single percept. He demonstrated, based on the result of a survey, that only a small portion of bimodal listeners report one fused percept. He then developed and validated a new method to measure objectively binaural fusion. Finally, he found that binaural fusion was possible for people with two cochlear implants but still very challenging for bimodal listeners. These results are helpful for the development of CI-candidacy criteria, clinical fitting of the devices, and new stimulation strategies.

The Ph.D. committee concluded that Niclas demonstrated his deep understanding of the scientific topics and was able to hold a discussion at a professional level. The committee unanimously recommend conferring him a Ph.D. degree.

Caption (leftmost)
Chairperson at the defence Senior Researcher Jens Hjortkjær, DTU Health Tech
Principal supervisor: Associate Professor Jeremy Marozeau, DTU Health Tech
Co supervisor: Dr. Søren Riis, Oticon Medical
Co supervisor: Dr. Lars Bramsløw, Eriksholm Research Center
PhD Niclas Janssen
Dr. Hamish Innes-Brown, Eriksholm Research Center
Professor Tim Jürgens, Technische Hochschule Lübec

Professor Bastian Epp, DTU Health Tech