ISAAR 2021 The auditory system throughout life

Friday 03 Sep 21


Torsten Dau
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DTU Health Tech
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Abigail Anne Kressner
Assistant Professor
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Caroline van Oosterhout
DTU Health Tech
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Sara Miay Kim Madsen
Senior Researcher
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Marina Kliuchko
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Axel Ahrens
Academic employee
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Almost 500 researchers, scientists, and PhD students from all over the world had registered for the International Symposium on Auditory and Audiological Research (ISAAR) which this year was held online on August 23-27. The topic of ISAAR 2021 was “The auditory system throughout life - Models, mechanisms, and interventions.”

This topic was considered  from different perspectives, including current physiological concepts, perceptual measures and models, electrophysiology and neuroscience approaches, as well as implications for hearing devices and new technical applications. Besides the topics related to the main theme, contributions covered a wide range of other areas within auditory and audiological research, including perceptual and physiological measures of auditory function, measures of hearing loss, auditory modeling, hearing-instrument signal processing, aided outcome measures, multi-sensory speech perception, communication in complex environments, advances in neural imaging for auditory experiments and cognitive auditory neuroscience.

In addition to the invited podium speeches, there were different zoom sessions streamed in parallel with time for panel discussions at the end of each session. All presentations were given live which provided an open atmosphere for questions and discussions. The quality of the presentations was very high and the general feedback from the participants has been particularly positive.
The next ISAAR conference will take place in two years from now, in August 2023, and will most likely be a ‘traditional’ physical meeting again.

ISAAR was supported by GN Hearing. More information about ISAAR, this year’s program and all abstracts can be found at

Cover illustration by Helene Ingerslev Wet DesignerDog

1) Researchers from all over the world tuned in online. Jonathan Regev (to the right) gave a podium presentation on the topic “Amplitude modulation frequency selectivity in older listeners with normal and impaired hearing”.

2) Bastian Epp had, as always, his focus on "The Big Picture”.
3) Hearing Systems researchers could attend the ISAAR procedures together in a classroom at DTU. Photo: Sam Watson.
4) A group from BEAR (Better Hearing Rehabilitation Project) actually went to Hotel Nyborg Strand where the symposium normally takes place and attended the conference online from there. Photo: Tobias Neher.
5) Torsten Dau, Nikolai Bisgaard from GN Hearing and a delegation from BEAR project.
6) This was ISAAR 2021.

7) See you in 2023. Group photo from previous symposium in Nyborg.

Organizing Committee
Torsten Dau, Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Abigail Anne Kressner, DTU & Rigshospitalet
Caroline van Oosterhout, DTU
Maaike Van Eeckhoutte, DTU & Rigshospitalet
Marina Kliuchko, DTU
Sara Miay Kim Madsen, DTU
Axel Ahrens, DTU & University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

Steering Committee Scientific
Torsten Dau, DTU 
Lisbeth Tranebjærg, University of Copenhagen & Rigshospitalet
Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard, SDU
Abigail Anne Kressner, DTU & Rigshospit
Sébastien Santurette Technical University of Denmark (aff.)

Caroline van Oosterhout, DTU
Katrine Bang Termansen