Moving Sounds and Moving Listeners Workshop in Glasgow

Monday 27 Oct 14


Jeremy Marozeau
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 47 90


Axel Ahrens
DTU Health Tech


On October 13/14, seven members of the Hearing Systems group attended the ‘Moving Sounds and Moving Listeners’ workshop at the MRC/CSO Institute of Hearing Research (Scottish Section) in Glasgow that was organized by Owen Brimijoin and Michael A. Akeroyd.

About 60 international researchers gathered there to discuss current technology and research findings related to head tracking. Especially for investigating the influence of head movements on spatial hearing, which is an important step in understanding how our hearing system helps us orient ourselves in everyday situations, head tracking has become an invaluable tool in recent years. Besides the scientific content presented in talks and posters, the participants could try several experiments using different methods of head tracking, and in the breaks there were lots of opportunities to discuss the findings and exchange ideas with the experts.

On picture from left: Gusztav Locsei, Jeremy Marozeau, Jasmina Catic, Jens Cubic, Aleandre Chabot-Leclerc, Henrik Gert Hassager. Besides, Axel Ahrens form the Hearing Systems group was also partipating.