PhD degree successfully defended by Raul Sanchez Lopez

Wednesday 19 Aug 20
by Eva Helena Andersen


Raul Sanchez Lopez
Guest researcher
DTU Health Tech


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Sébastien Santurette
Affiliated Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech

On August 14, Raul Sanchez Lopez successfully defended his PhD project “Clinical auditory profiling and profile-based hearing-aid fitting”.

Measuring hearing impairment and fitting hearing aid can be a challenging task. Currently, the hearing clinician’s main tool is the audiogram, which consists of evaluating the lower possible sound that a patient can hear at different frequencies. Raul’s PhD project addresses an important and unexplored area of audiology/hearing science: what individual abilities beyond the pure-tone audiogram should be considered in diagnosis and rehabilitation? He argues and demonstrates that with a battery of tests, the hearing loss of a patient can be categorized into one of four typical profiles. His PhD was dedicated to exploring and developing the optimal testing session to better address and categorize the patient needs. This innovative approach of precision medicine is both timely and forward-looking. 

The defence took place at the Technical University of Denmark in front of a restricted audience including his supervisors and the chairman of the assessment committee. The two external examiners were able to follow and ask questions online. Raul gave a 45 min summary presentation of his work. Raul’s presentation of his thesis research was very well-organized, followed the general structure of the dissertation, and was illustrated and supported by outstanding graphics. The examiner unanimously thought that the presentation clearly demonstrated the comprehensive nature of Raul’s research; his depth of understanding of a wide range of clinical science, basic science, and data science topics; and his ability to communicate complex material to a diverse audience. Following the presentation, Raul provided thorough answers to many questions from examiners and others. During the discussion, he elaborated on the rationale for the experimental approach, justified the use of data-driven classification methods placed his results in the context of current evidence from the literature, considered alternate interpretations, and discussed future directions for his research.

Raul's PhD project was funded by the BEAR project

The external examiners at his defence were:
Professor Judy R. Dubno, Medical University of South Carolina
Professor Pamela E. Souza, Northwestern University.

Caption (leftmost):
Associate Professor Tobias Neher SDU/BEAR

Chairman of the examiner committee: Associate Professor Jeremy Marozeau, DTU Health Tech

Principal supervisor: Professor Torsten Dau DTU

PhD Raul Sanchez Lopez
Co-supervisor: Postdoc Michal Fereczkowski

Co-supervisor: Senior scientist Sébastien Santurette

Antoine Richard