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Monday 12 Jun 17

Wiebke Lamping and François Guérit, both PhD students at  Hearing Systems, DTU Elektro, are currently collaborating with Robert P. Carlyon and his Hearing and Language group at the Medical Research Council (MRC) in Cambridge, UK.

François and Wiebke focus their research on cochlear implants (CI). In 2016 and early 2017 both held a position as Research Assistant in Robert P. Carlyon’s group, where they carried out experiments to test the efficacy of a drug, an oral modulator of voltage-gated potassium channels, which is hypothesized to improve hearing in CI listeners.
In August 2017, Wiebke will start an external stay of six months within the same group, where she will focus on understanding limitations in pitch perception of CI users. François is already collaborating on a project studying the electrode-neuron interface and its sources of variability. For his project, both Danish and British CI users have been participating in the listening sessions.

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More than half a million people with severe to profound hearing loss have cochlear implants (CIs), surgically implanted devices that partly restore hearing by electrically stimulating the auditory nerve.
Many CI patients understand speech well in quiet, but even the most successful struggle in noisy situations and a minority perform poorly even in quiet.