PhD degree succesfully defended by Marton Marschall

Wednesday 12 Nov 14


Marton Marschall
Senior Officer
DTU Health Tech


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 77

On Thursday, November 6th, Marton Marschall successfully defended his PhD project titled "Capturing and reproducing realistic acoustic scenes for hearing research"

How can we reproduce realistic listening situations in a laboratory setting? One answer is to capture real-life acoustic scenes and use loudspeaker arrays to create virtual acoustic scenes where the same acoustic field is recreated. As part of his PhD project, Marton Marschall developed and tested a spherical microphone array that can capture the spatial characteristics of real-life acoustic scenes. Through both simulations and measurements, he investigated how accurately the microphone array could capture these spatial characteristics. In particular, he also explored the benefit of using mixed-order ambisonics to improve the spatial sensitivity of a microphone array in the horizontal direction. Through the capture and playback of complex acoustic scenes, it will be possible to test perception and the performance of communication devices, such as hearing aids or headsets, in more realistic conditions.

The project was supported by Siemens Audiologische Technik and Brûel & Kjaer

Photo from left: Examiners Professor Sascha Spors, University of Rostock, Associate Professor Jonas Brunskog, DTU Electrical Engineering, and Associate Professor Ville Pulkki, Aalto University. Photo by Alexandre Chabot-Leclerc.

Principal supervisor: Professor Torsten Dau. Co-supervisors: Associate Professor Ewen MacDonald and Dr. Jörg Buchholz. Chairperson at defence:
Associate Professor Jakob Søndergaard Jensen, DTU Electrical Engineering