PhD degree successfully defended by Juan Camilo Gil Carvajal

Monday 09 Nov 20


Juan Camilo Gil Carvajal
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Tobias Andersen
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Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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On October 30, Juan Camilo Gil Carvajal successfully defended his theseis " Towards a feature-based theory of audiovisual integration of speech".

Speech perception is facilitated by seeing the articulatory mouth movements of the talker. The human brain integrates this visual input with the acoustic speech signal in a process of audiovisual integration. This is demonstrated in the McGurk illusion in which perception of a acoustic speech signal is altered when dubbed onto a video of a face uttering an different speech sound.
This PhD project investigated this process, with a particular focus on providing behavioral evidence for a featured-based model of audiovisual integration of speech. In two studies the project demonstrated that the perceived consonant order in McGurk illusions varies systematically with the timing of audiovisual speech features. In a third study, the thesis presented results that support the novel theory that independent integration of sequential speech features may underlie audiovisual integration of speech.
The committee concluded that this work makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of audiovisual speech integration.

Caption (leftmost):
Co-supervisor Torsten Dau, DTU Health Tech
Examiners: Chairman of the examiner committee Jens Hjortkjær, DTU Health Tech
Professor Salvador Soto-Faraco, University of Pompeu Fabra, Spain,
Kaiser Maria Tilippana, University of Helsinki Finland
PhD Juan Camilo Gil Carvajal
Principal supervisor Tobias Andersen, DTU Compute