PhD collaboration with US universities

Friday 10 Jun 16
Suyash Joshi, PhD student at Hearing Systems Elektro, recently returned from  a three months external research stay, visiting two premier research laboratories in the USA.

For the first two months, he visited the Auditory Neurophysiology and Modelling laboratory headed by Professor Michael Heinz at the Purdue University. Their laboratory specializes in neurophysiological experiments in the auditory nerve and brainstem neurons and modelling of the neural responses in normally hearing listeners and listeners with hearing loss. During his stay at the Purdue University, Suyash gained valuable experience in neurophysiological techniques that are used in the laboratory. During this visit, Suyash’s project was focused on understanding how the temporal aspects of complex sounds, such as the slowly varying envelope, is coded in the auditory nerve fibers of normally hearing cochleae. Suyash also visited the Cochlear Implant and Psychophysics Laboratory headed by Professor Julie Arenberg Bierer at the University of Washington – Seattle.  Their laboratory aims to identify the limiting factors in listeners with Cochlear Implants and their effect on performance of the listeners with cochlear implants in psychophysical tasks. These limiting factors include location of the electrodes in the cochlea and effects of degeneration of the auditory nerve fibers in listeners with cochlear implants. The collaborations started with Professor Heinz and Professor Bierer will continue in the future and have provided Suyash with valuable experience and insights for Suyash’s PhD research, which focuses on modelling of the auditory nerve fiber responses to electrical stimulation with cochlear implants.

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