New technician at the Hearing Systems and Acoustic Tecnology groups

Monday 20 Jun 16


Henrik Hvidberg
assistant engineer
DTU Electrical Engineering
+45 45 25 39 43

Henrik Hvidberg has started a position as technician since April 18. When we are talking about his job in his office, Henrik is preparing a model for a class next week where one of the teachers has asked him to help make an artificial model of how a cochlear implant works. So in collaboration with the students, he is preparing a circuit board in an artificial head made of glass so you can look right through and see how the electrodes are working.
“That’s what I like about this job: having creative challenges and facility assignments, ”he says.

“ In the job ad it said you should support the students with various technical and creative tasks and that you also should have some experience with building maintenance.”
These qualities match perfectly some of Henrik Hvidberg’s previous experiences. With both experience as an operator and a Bachelor of Commerce in management he has been working as workshop and production manager in several companies. One of them was Coloplast where he functioned as a transfer technician when the company moved the production abroad.
“That was interesting because I realized how different the culture is from Copenhagen to Hungary, Slovakia, China and even Northern Jutland, Denmark” he explains with a smile:
“In Copenhagen Area, it’s pretty much about prestige and you’re respected by your successes in your job. In Northern Jutland you just care about your work and if you need something for that everything can be disposed”
After having worked at companies for several years, he felt like doing something different where he still could use his skills.

What did you expect here?
“It is exciting to work with engineers and provide input that the students can use. What I had expected is fully fulfilled. There’s a very good atmosphere here and people are very dedicated to their projects. Everyone is friendly and accommodating.

"That’s what I like about this job: Having creative challenges and facility assignments"
Henrik Hvidberg

Suddenly the door to his office goes up and one of the PhD student hands him back a pliers.
“Thanks for lending me this tool. Now I am able to use my bike chain again,” The student says.
And this is another of Henrik’s skills and great passion: Bicycles.
“Most people here are very devoted to bikes and bikes to work. This fits well with my own passion for bikes. I bike a lot and have also helped making manufacturer tools for Free Bikes in Copenhagen,” he adds with a smile.

Henrik is making a model of a head where students can work on the electrodes on the circuit board and see how a cochlear implant (electrodes that stimulate the brain to capture audio) works.