PhD degree successfully defended by Wiebke Lamping

Monday 25 Nov 19

On Tuesday November 5, Wiebke Lamping successfully defended her PhD thesis “Improving cochlear implant performance through psychophysical measures".

Wiebke Lamping defended her PhD in front of an internal jury composed of renowned scientists and an industrial partner. Wiebke Lamping’s work evaluated novel approaches for signal analysis and electrical stimulation for improving the performance of cochlear implant users. Her thesis was composed of three main experiments. In the first experiment, She conducted a study that evaluated the perception associated with changes in stimulation rate and place. The results suggest that stimulation rate may relate to pitch perception, whereas the place of excitation may relate to brightness perception. The second experiment examines the limitations of rate pitch as a function of cochlear place, stimulation mode, and pulse shape. She found that pseudo monophasic anodic pulses can improve the upper limit of temporal performance. The third experiment proposes a novel approach for channel selection in cochlear implant coding, where Wiebke Lamping implemented a modification to the standard “continuous interleaved sampling” (CIS) cochlear implant sound coding strategy.
During her defense, the jury agreed that Wiebke Lamping demonstrated a solid knowledge of the topics and issues related to her thesis. She answered a broad range of questions in a convincing and confident manner, while highlighting the potential limitations of the different techniques that she incorporated into her work.
Overall, the jury thought that Wiebke Lamping’s work is not only academically rigorous but also has important clinical implications that can contribute to our understanding of how different cochlear implant processing strategies and stimulation parameters affect pitch perception, sound quality, and speech intelligibility. They anticipate that this work could have a substantial impact on the field and unanimously recommend conferring her a PhD degree.

Leftmost: Co Supervisor: Assistant Professor Abigail Kressner, Health Tech, DTU
Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Jeremy Marozeau, Health Tech, DTU
Examiners: Professor Torsten Dau, Health Tech, DTU
Assistant Professor David Landsberger, New York University
Dr. Dan Gnasia, Oticon Medical
and at the front: PhD Wiebke Lamping
Photo: Henrik Hvidberg