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Thursday 15 Nov 18


Sara Miay Kim Madsen
DTU Health Tech

A new article was just featured at the Carlsberg Foundation’s webpage about Sara Miay Kim Madsen’s postdoctoral project awarded by the Carlsberg Foundation.   

In the article, Sara Miay Kim Madsen explains about her project “The role of perceptual salience in sound segregation.” Earlier research suggested that the ease of segregating sounds from competing sound sources is related to the salience of the perceptual differences between the sounds. However, only little evidence has previously been provided to support this idea. In this study, the effect of pitch differences and the effect of pitch salience (strength) on sound segregation abilities were explored. Pitch is the perceptual attribute that allow us to order sounds on a scale from high to low and when varied can produce recognizable melodies. The researchers found that segregation increased with increasing difference in pitch of different sounds and with increasing pitch salience. Moreover, they found a relationship between sound segregation abilities of the individual listeners and their ability to discriminate small differences in pitch.

“The funding from the Carlsberg Foundation made it possible to steer the direction of my research and to develop as a researcher. I was in this period able to gain experience, establish a professional network, and produce papers that will help in my future career. Moreover, I also got experience co-supervising a PhD student who recently defended his PhD,” Sara says.

"The funding from the Carlsberg Foundation made it possible to steer the direction of my research and to develop as a researcher"
Sara Miay Kim Madsen

The findings from this project that there seem to be little or no relation between hearing loss and the ability to use pitch cues for segregation might be useful for development of future hearing aids. Also, the information that strong pitch salience is also important for segregation for hearing impaired listeners emphasize the importance of preserving strong pitch salience when optimizing hearing aid algorithms.

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Photo: Niclas Alexander Janßen

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