Volunteers' Day

Monday 07 Oct 19


Rikke Skovhøj Sørensen
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 51
Once again, the Hearing Systems’ researchers invited all the people that have participated in their experiments the past year. The event, which took place on 4 October, gave the researchers the opportunity to thank the test persons and to tell them more about the experiments they took part in.

Both new and more experienced test participants showed up, and in total more than 60 people enjoyed an afternoon with some good food, a lighthearted quiz on hearing, and the opportunity to see all our facilities and hear about the current results of the projects they had participated in.

Ten of Hearing System Groups’ researchers were there to present their recent projects, and there was great interest in hearing about the findings. Several volunteers also had the chance to try out a demo in the audio visual immersion lab (AVIL).

All in all there was a very good atmosphere; everybody was very positive and interested in the presentations.
“This has been a great event.
Super welcoming and engaging researchers, exciting projects, very nice atmosphere and reception,” Søren Henrik Nielsen, one of the volunteers expressed.
It has been a really nice afternoon and I would like to thank you very much for being invited to become a volunteer and test person. A very strong DTU team,“ he concluded.

" I would like to thank you very much for being invited to become a volunteer. A very strong DTU team"
Søren Henrik Nielsen

Photos: Søren Henrik Nielsen, Ewen MacDonald,Jeremy Marozeau

Everybody is welcome to join the volunteers.
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