PhD degree successfully defended by François Guérit

Wednesday 04 Jul 18


Jeremy Marozeau
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Bastian Epp
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On June 26, François Guérit successfully defended his PhD thesis “Temporal charge interactions in cochlear implant listeners".

More than half a million people with severe to profound hearing loss have a cochlear implant (CI). These are surgically implanted devices, which can partly restore hearing by electrically stimulating the auditory nerve. Many CI users understand speech well in quiet, but even the most successful struggle in noisy situations, with a minority performing poorly even in quiet. François Guérit's
thesis investigated the polarity-specific temporal integration of electrical currents. His results showed a variety of inter-pulse and polarity effects, as well as interactions between the two factors. These results are not only relevant for clinical applications, such as the estimation of neural survival in the auditory nerve, but also for the development of models of the electrically stimulated auditory nerve.
During the defense, the PhD committee thought that François Guérit demonstrated solid knowledge of the topics and issues related to his thesis. He answered a broad range of questions in a convincing and confident manner that was understandable to a non-specialist audience.

Caption (leftmost):
External advisor Bob Carlyon, University of Cambridge

Examiner Associate Professor Ewen MacDonald, DTU Elektro

Examiner Professor Julie Bierer, Speech and Hearing Department, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

Co-supervisor: Associate Professor Bastian Epp, DTU Elektro

PhD François
Principal Supervisor: Associate Professor Jeremy Marozeau, DTU Elektro

Examiner Dr Olivier Macherey, Aix Marseille University, Marseille, France