PhD degree successfully defended by Jens Cubick

Friday 01 Sep 17


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Sébastien Santurette
Affiliated Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech

On August 29, Jens Cubick successfully defended defend his PhD thesis Investigating distance perception, externalization and speech intelligibility in complex acoustic environments”.

Jens Cubick studied the human listeners’ ability to localize sound sources in reverberant environments. Spatial hearing does not only help us to navigate in complex environments (e.g., traffic situations) but also facilitates speech communication in situations with more than one talker. In his PhD thesis, Jens Cubick focused on auditory distance perception and externalization (i.e., the perception of sounds outside the head) as well as speech intelligibility in complex environments with multiple sound sources. He found that both distance perception and externalization were influenced by the room that the experiment was conducted in. Jens Cubick also demonstrated that hearing aids change the spatial perception of the experimental setup and that speech intelligibility in normal-hearing listeners can be worse with hearing aids than without. His findings might have implications on sound reproduction and experimental techniques and provide insights for designing future hearing-aid signal processing strategies.

(Leftmost) Examiners:
Associate Professor Jeremy Marozeau, DTU Elektro

Associate Professor Pavel Zahorik, University of Louisville, KY, USA
Associate Professor Ville Pulkki, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland
PhD Jens Cubick,
Principal Supervisor:
Professor Torsten Dau, DTU Elektro
Assistant Professor Sébastien Santurette, DTU Elektro
Dr. Søren Laugesen, Interacoustics Research Unit

Photo: Niclas Janßen, Anna Josefine Sørensen and Mette LV Carstensen