PhD project about bimodal hearing

Friday 28 Oct 16


Jeremy Marozeau
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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DTU is looking for test persons with combined hearing aids and cochlear implants.
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PhD student Niclas Janßen is investigating how people with both a hearing aid and a cochlear implant can benefit from being able to combine the sounds from both ears.

“My project is concerned with what we call bimodal listeners. These listeners have a cochlear implant in one ear. So already one of their ears is highly impaired, but also the other ear in which they are wearing a hearing aid is impaired. The challenge with this bimodal hearing is that these two types of devices sound quite different. And this can eventually also make it more difficult for these patients to bring the sound from both ears together,“ he explains.

Cochlear implants, CIs, can provide profoundly deaf people with the ability to hear again and to understand speech reasonably well. However, many CI users continue to experience perceptual problems in various listening situations.
Watch the video form Eriksholm Research Centre about the project here

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