New interdisciplinary project supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation

Monday 15 Jan 18
by Eva Helena Andersen


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
+45 45 25 39 77

Novo Nordisk Foundation awards 15 mio DKK for an interdisciplinary synergy project on "hidden" hearing loss.

Exposure to noise over longer periods can cause nerve damage in the inner ear, which especially affects people’s ability to understand speech in noisy situations. This type of synaptic nerve damage cannot be measured in humans, and is not detected by the clinical hearing tests used today. This hidden hearing loss is presumably widespread, even among younger people. Our project “Uncovering hidden hearing loss” (UHEAL) will combine magnetic resonance imaging technology with audiology and neurophysiology to establish methods for measuring this nerve damage in humans. The project will develop imaging techniques to detect cell damage in the ear and examine how this affects hearing. This will enable diagnoses for this hearing disorder to be developed and thereby create opportunities for treatment. The project is led by Torsten Dau and his team and carried out in close collaboration with Hartwig Siebner and colleagues from the Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance and Charles Liberman from Harvard Medical School.

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Central team at Hearing Systems.

(Leftmost) Associate Professor Jeremy Marozeau: Music perception in hearing impaired listeners, model of loudness and timbre of musical instruments

Associate Professor Bastian Epp: Neural modelling of hearing

Associate Professor Sébastien Santurette: Psychoacoustics, music perception and functional imaging,

Head of Hearing Systems Professor Torsten Dau,

Associate Professor Ewen MacDonald: Speech perception and production

and Assistant Professor Tobias May: Signal processing and Hearing technology.

Photo by Joachim Rode