PhD degree successfully defended by Borys Kowalewski

Friday 26 Apr 19

On April 17 Borys Kowalewski successfully defended his thesis “Assessing the effects of hearing-aid dynamic-range compression on auditory signal processing and perception”.

The thesis presents original research work in the field of psychoacoustics, auditory modelling and hearing-aid simulation, divided into four parts including behavioural experiments, instrumental evaluations and computational modeling, framed by a general introduction into the topic and an overall discussion in the end.

Borys Kowalewski provided very competent responses, displaying a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects of the study, and demonstrating a solid grasp of the theoretical and practical elements described in the thesis, including its limitations. In particular, he clearly managed to provide relevant background information and the motivation for the individual elements in his thesis with critical reflection and justification. The findings of the thesis will have an impact on future design of hearing-aid processing schemes and the choice an implementation of signal compression schemes.
The results are published as three scientific papers (one in review, one as co-author), one book chapter (as co-author) and six conference contributions.

Caption (leftmost):
PostDoc Michal Fereczkowski, DTU Health Tech
Associate Professor Ewen MacDonald, DTU Health Tech
Assistant Professor Tobias May, DTU Health Tech
Principal Supervisor: Professor Torsten Dau, DTU Health Tech
PhD Borys Kowalewski
Professor Brian Moore, University of Cambridge
Section Director Graham Naylor, University of Nottingham
Associate Professor Bastian Epp, DTU Health Tech

Photo: Niclas Janßen