Overwhelming interest for the Hearing Systems Presentation Day

Friday 13 Nov 15
by Eva Helena Andersen


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Bastian Epp
Groupleader, Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Sébastien Santurette
Affiliated Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech

Like the research group has grown, there also has been an overwhelming interest from collaboration partners, researcher colleagues and alumni at this year’s Hearing Systems Presentation Day on Friday October 6th.

As in previous years, the researchers from Hearing Systems presented their current activities and research projects, mainly in the form of nine short talks and 15 posters. These presentations described the results from current Postdoc, PhD, and other research projects, starting with auditory coding and representations then followed by projects about auditory modelling and speech perception ending up with artificial and aided hearing. In between the many interesting lectures there were poster sessions and many opportunities to discuss the topics and network.
Head of Hearing Systems Torsten Dau took the audience on a historical journey from when Hearing Systems started as CAHR (Centre for Applied Hearing Research) twelve years ago and how the group has grown including the new fundamental research centre CHeSS (Oticon Centre of Excellence for Hearing and Speech Science) and has a close collaboration with various partners and  external experts  such Danish Research Centre for Magnetic Resonance  and several EU projects, lately COCOHA (Cognitive Control of a Hearing Aid Horizon 2020):
“We have grown quite a bit. I would also like to mention that Bastian Epp has been promoted as Associate Professor recently. And Sébastien Santurette just accepted a new joint position as assistant professor at DTU and at the Copenhagen area hospitals, which will strengthen the collaboration with the clinics even more.”
James Harte, Head of Interacoustics Research Unit, was quite impressed by this year’s performance:
“The standard of the presentations was incredibly high. I was impressed with everyone’s ability to balance their talks by introducing difficult concepts in an accessible way, motivating their own research, and then explaining the core of their work to a high scientific standard.  This kind of clear communication takes a great deal of preparation and work, but is a vital and valued skill in both the academic and private sectors,” he said.
Nikolai Bisgaard, Vice President at GN Resound, who has attended the CAHR presentations since the first one in 2004, was also quite impressed:
“I have been along from the very beginning and it is interesting to follow this arrangement every year. It is well organized with short and precise performances” Nikoali Bisgaard said.
Torben Poulsen, retired Professor from Hearing Systems, was once again fascinated by the researchers' ability to explain complex scientific material:
“It has been a pleasure to attend. The researchers are all very well prepared, and you get an overview of what is going on here without going too much into details, he concluded.
Edward Collet, PhD student at University of Toulouse, FR, did his Master's degree of Engineering Acoustics at DTU in 2011 and has been working as lab technician in system architecture and system design. He was impressed by how the research group has developed since he got his Master degree:
“It’s really pleasing to see that the research group it is growing in such a healthy manner. Being here today and attending the presentations made me understand why I enjoy research and want to get back into this field,” he said.

"Being here today and attending the presentations made me understand why I enjoy research and want to get back into this field"
Edward Collet