Carlsberg postdoc funding for talented hearing researcher

Monday 14 Dec 15
by Eva Helena Andersen
On November 27, Sara Miay Kim Madsen, postdoc at Hearing Systems, was awarded the Carlsberg Foundation’s Postdoctoral Fellowships in Denmark. The postdoc funding comes with DKK 1,092,000 for the project “Human auditory scene analysis in the impaired auditory system”.

Many hearing-impaired people have problems with sound segregation and commonly complain that they have difficulties communicating in noisy situations and hearing out individual instruments/voices from others when listening to music. This project aims to identify some of the underlying neural mechanisms that are responsible for such difficulties and to explain why some hearing-impaired people struggle more than others. The project will use a range of tasks testing sound segregation for sequences of tones with different perceived pitch (tone height) in normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners.

Sara Miay Kim Madsen holds a bachelor degree from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the University of Copenhagen and a master degree from DTU. She obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge and was supervised by Brian C. J. Moore who is a leading expert within the field of psychoacoustics.

The Carlsberg Foundation strives to promote talent development and generational change at Danish universities and wishes to enable the most excellent young research talents to establish an independent research career in Denmark. The Carlsberg Foundation supports excellent basic research within the fields of natural science, the humanities and social science.

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