Young people's hearing at risk

Wednesday 24 Jun 15


Pernille Holtegaard
PhD student
DTU Health Tech

1.1 billion young people are at risk of hearing damage due to loud music according to the latest study from WHO. It also concludes that half of all young people aged 12-35 years are exposed to loud noise from audio devices with earphones and 40 percent are in danger of damaging their hearing because of loud music at concerts and nightclubs.

Far more young people than previously presumed might have a hearing loss due to noise, even though the noise exposure limits are respected. New studies suggest that many people are at risk of acquiring noise damage that the current measurement methods are not able to diagnose.


Through her studies, Pernille Holtegaard has specialized in the phenomenon and performed a series of experiments with young people. The results show that there is a need for a new test to detect this hidden hearing loss. The Magazine 'Hørelsen' published an article about this problem with an interview with Pernille Holtegaard, Audiologist at Hearing Systems, Elektro DTU.
Read the article here (in Danish)

" The invisible hearing loss is an injury that can be the precursor to a permanent hearing loss. "
Pernille Holtegaard