Sophisticated sound laboratory provides new knowledge about hearing

Friday 23 Oct 15
by Eva Helena Andersen


Marton Marschall
Senior Officer
DTU Health Tech


Axel Ahrens
Academic employee
DTU Health Tech
Today Friday October 23th, the News Magazine ‘Ingeniøren’ brings an article about the new Audio-Visual-Immersion-Lab at Hearing Systems.

Hearing Researchers at DTU  has got a new sound laboratory, the Audio-Visual-Immersion-Lab, to help solving the so-called Cocktail Party Problem.
One of the challenges for the researchers is to understand what happens for hearing impaired people when they try to focus and understand speech in complex, noisy environments, commonly referred to as the Cocktail Party Problem.
In this context, Postdoc at Hearing Systems Marton Marshall has high expectations for future research:
"In this lab we have a good chance to reproduce realistic sound sources, for instance by separately sending out different voices through seperately placed loudspeakers and then notice how the test person reacts with head and eye movements in EEG tests. It can bring us new knowledge about how hearing and vision interact and help to improve hearing aids and cochlear implants," he says.

Read the article (in Danish) here

At Ingeniøren's website there are more pictures from the new laboratory.

"In this lab we can have a good chance to reproduce realistic sound sources"
Marton Marscahll