Hearing Systems Presentation Day

Friday 03 Nov 17
by Eva Helena Andersen


Torsten Dau
Head of Sections, Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Tobias May
Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
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Sébastien Santurette
Affiliated Associate Professor
DTU Health Tech
Friday, October 27th, Hearing Systems invited collaboration partners, colleagues and alumni for the annual Presentation Day to give an overview of the activities in the research group. The event, which took place at the laboratory building, attracted approximately 80 guests during the afternoon.

Torsten Dau, Head of Hearing Systems, gave an introduction, including an overview of the research group and the activities. At the moment, the group consists of 40 academic staff members, including 17 PhD students, 12 postdocs, two guest researchers and two research assistants. Furthermore, the group consists of a coordinator, a project administrator, a journalist, two audiologists and two technicians.
Torsten Dau then explained about the various interdisciplinary approaches that are currently being used in the group (behavioral measures, auditory modelling, physiological measures), new employed in the group, funding sources and collaborations. This year, Tobias May was appointed an Assistant Professor in Speech Signal Processing and Hearing Technology.
He also noted that the Danish hearing aid companies Oticon, GN Hearing and Widex continue to support the Centre for Applied Hearing Research (CAHR) for the period of 2017-20. Hearing Systems also includes the fundamental research centre CHeSS (Oticon Centre of Excellence for Hearing and Speech Science). The two centres have a close collaboration with various partners and external experts, including several EU projects, e.g. COCOHA (Cognitive Control of a Hearing Aid Horizon 2020) and the planned TIN-ACT on Tinnitus. The group also started as a participating partner in the large scale project BEAR (Better Hearing Rehabilitation) with Sébastien Santurette in a shared Assistant Professor position in Clinical Audiology and Hearing Rehabilitation with Region Hovedstaden. Interacoustics Research Unit (IRU) continues to be a part of the activities in collaboration with Harvard Medical School.
Major upcoming events is International Symposium on Hearing 2018 which will take place in Elsinore, and the ISAAR proceedings next time in 2019 (in Nyborg).  In 2020, there will be the Mechanics of Hearing (MOH) about cochlear mechanics and hair-cell functioning, also in Elsinore. And then of course the Hearing Systems Presentation Day 2018 which will be the 15th anniversary of the group.

The PhD students and Postdocs presented their current activities and research projects, mainly in the form of nine short talks and 11 posters. These presentations described the results from current Postdoc, PhD, and other research projects, starting with “Clinical Diagnoses”; projects about “Models and Hearing Device Processing” followed, ending up with “Perception and Cognition”. In between the many interesting talks, poster sessions took place with many opportunities to discuss the topics and to network.

"It is very inspiring to come this afternoon where you can step into another world and mindset compared to our own mindset from the industry"
Jesper Boldt, Research Manager GN Hearing

Jesper Boldt, Research Manager GN Hearing, has attended the Presentation Day several times:
“It is very inspiring to come this afternoon where you can step into another world and mindset compared to our own mindset from the industry. It’s interesting letting your mind fly into a world where you can look through other glasses and bring some of the input from the research with you,“ Jesper Boldt said and added:
“ It is of course also good to meet  and talk with collaboration partners and researchers here. Denmark focuses on sound and hearing. We are recognized worldwide for this, also many small and medium-sized companies when compared to American companies like Apple. It is important to exchange information as well as to continue as an industry,” he concluded.
Torben Poulsen, Professor Emeritus from DTU, was once again fascinated by the many ongoing activities in the group as well as the researchers' abilities to explain complex scientific material:
“It is a pleasure watching how the students manage these presentations and have had many thoughts and considerations about their talks. But that is part of the education,” he said and added:
t seems like there is a lot more research now with direct clinical relevance and this is nice to observe. Originally, there wasn’t that much applied research going on here despite the name ‘Centre for Applied Hearing Research. But now there is a lot more of it going on here. Things have, so to say, fallen into place.”

1.    Head of Hearing Systems Torsten Dau welcomed all the guests and gave an overview of the current activities in the group. (Photo Niclas Janßen)
2.    Torben Poulsen was impressed by the researchers' abilities to explain complex scientific material. To his left one of the new employees in the group Project Administrator Katrine Bang Thermansen. (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
3.    Sébastien Santurette, Assistant Professor at DTU/RH, with head of Department Electrical Engineering Kristian Stubkjær and Torsten Dau. (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
4.    Raul Sanchez Lopez explained about his project “Auditory profiling through computational data analyses,” which is an important part of the BEAR project. (Photo Niclas Janßen)
5.    In between the talks, there was a chance to attend poster presentations. (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
6.    Poster session (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
7.    Jesper Boldt, Research Manager at GN Hearing, was very inspired by the talks. (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
8.    The arrangement gave people from all over the country within their field a chance to meet. Leftmost: Jakob Christensen Dalsgaard University of Southern Denmark, Niels Henrik Pontoppidan, Eriksholm Research Centre, and Jeremy Marozeau, Hearing Systems. (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
9.    Niclas Janßen with his poster presentation on “The scale illusion detection task: objective assesment of binaural fusion“. (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
10.    Pernille Holtegaard gave an overview of her project “Speech intelligibility and ABR level-growth in listeners prone to “hidden hearing loss.” (Photo Eva Helena Andersen)
11.    Project Administrator Katrine Bang Thermansen and Coordinator Caroline van Oosterhout arranged some snacks, food and drinks after the presentations.(Photo Eva Helena Andersen)