The research of the Hearing Systems, Speech and Communication group is about auditory signal processing and perception, psychoacoustics, speech perception, audio-visual speech, audiology and objective measures of auditory function. The majority of our research is conducted at our Centre for Applied Hearing research (CAHR) and at Oticon Centre of Excellence for Hearing and Speech Sciences(CHeSS). The goal of this research is to increase our understanding of the functioning of the human auditory system and to provide insights that are useful for technical applications such as hearing aids, speech recognition systems, hearing diagnostics tools and cochlear implants.
Even though modern sophisticated hearing aids can detect speech in noisy environments and be individually customized, the problem of filtering out unwanted information and noise in large gatherings remains a significant challenge.This problem reflects the biggest challenge that the Hearing Systems group researchers work with, namely to explain the human ability to focus and understand speech from an individual talker in complex, noisy environments, commonly referred to as the Cocktail Party Problem.