Simultaneous electrophysiological measurements with auditory narrow-band stimuli: investigation of clinical consequences of interactions at the level of the auditory pathway

Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen

This industrial PhD project is conducted in collaboration with Interacoustics A/S and will investigate an optimized electrophysiological method for faster hearing threshold estimation in infants. Electrophysiological methods for establishing the hearing thresholds are preferably performed in natural sleep, therefore the measurement must be time efficient. This project will investigate the balance between short testing time and diagnostic value using an approach of simultaneous stimulation in several frequency bands at once. After a ‘proof of concept’ the detailed consequences and interactions in the auditory pathway will be investigated in experimental work in populations with normal hearing and hearing loss.

Supervisors: Torsten Dau, DTU Health Tech. James Harte, Interacoustics Research Unit (IRU)

To be completed in 2022

DTU Orbit


Sinnet Greve Bjerge Kristensen
Industrial PhD
DTU Health Tech