Our research is concerned with auditory signal processing and perception, speech communication,  audiology, objective measures of the auditory function, computational models of hearing, hearing instrument signal processing and multi-sensory perception.

Our goal is to increase our understanding of the human auditory system and to provide insights that are useful for technical and clinical applications, such as speech recognition systems, hearing aids, cochlear implants as well as hearing diagnostics tools. Each faculty in our section leads a research group representing the areas of ‘Speech signal processing and hearing technology’ (Assoc. Prof. Tobias May), ‘Cognitive neuroscience’ (Senior Researcher Jens Hjortkjær), ‘Auditory physics and physiological acoustics’ (Assoc. Prof. Bastian Epp), ‘Musical acoustics and cochlear implant technology’ (Assoc. Prof. Jeremy Marozeau), ‘Clinical and technical audiology’ (Assist. Prof. Abigail Kressner) and ‘Computational auditory modelling and systems neuroscience’ (Prof. Torsten Dau). Beyond our research, we strongly contribute to the education of engineers at bachelor, master and PhD levels, with major focus on the international MSc program in ‘Engineering acoustics’.