Postdoc Projects and Senior researchers

Currently, our group consists of 40 academic staff members including 21 PhD students and 10 postdocs and senior researchers. Furthermore, our group consists of a coordinator, a journalist, an audiologist and three technicians. Our research strategy and student supervision are mainly driven by our faculty: Bastian Epp (auditory modeling and physiological acoustics), Jeremy Marozeau (music perception in hearing impaired listeners), Tobias May (signal processing and machine learning), Abigail Kressner (speech intelligibility and spatial perception in aided listening) and the head of the Hearing Systems group Torsten Dau. Our research has been supported mainly by grants from the Danish Research Council, the Danish hearing aid industry, private foundations, DTU, and the EU. The tools and facilities used for research and teaching include acoustically and electrically shielded testing booths, anechoic chambers, EEG recording systems, an otoacoustic emission recording system, an audiological clinic, a virtual auditory environment, and a master hearing-aid research platform.
The Hearing Systems group is now also involved in collaborative project Better Hearing Rehabilitation (BEAR) between the University of Southern Denmark, Aalborg University, the Technical University of Denmark (Hearing Systems, DTU Health Tech) independent tech company DELTA and the newly established Copenhagen Hearing and Balance Center at Rigshospitalet, Danish hearing aid manufacturers Oticon, Widex and GN Resound and the university hospitals in Odense, Aalborg and Copenhagen will improve quality so that people with hearing loss can get more out of hearing aids.