A new Danish intelligibility test based on nonsense speech materials

Jens Bo Nielsen

Hearing aid processing algorithms aimed at improving speech intelligibility impact the speech signal in more profound ways than mere amplification. Compressing or transposing frequency bands are examples of possible signal manipulations. Whether the speech intelligibility does change due to these manipulations can be measured with a traditional speech test but such a test does not quantify which parts of the speech signal that caused the intelligibility changes.

This project develops a speech test that allows for a detailed analysis of how listeners' perception of individual speech sounds is affected by processing algorithms. For example, evaluating whether a processing scheme intended for improving the perception of high-frequency sounds has a positive or negative impact on people’s ability to identify high-frequency phonemes.

The outcome of this project will be of major relevance in future development of hearing aid algorithms intended to improve speech understanding.

This project is supported by the Research Consortium with Oticon, Widex and GN Resound

Jens Bo Nielsen will also be involved in the Better Hearing Rehabilitation project, where a new test battery for auditory profiling and hearing-aid fitting strategies will be developed to improve the quality of service in audiological clinics.

Jens Bo Nielsen has developed the Danish HINT in order to be able to measure speech intelligibility in noisy surroundings.

Read the article from the magazine 'Hørelsen' (in Danish) April 2013 here

At DTAS' annual meeting in September 2014 Jens Bo Nielsen presented his project. Read more here



Jens Bo Nielsen
Senior Researcher
DTU Health Tech
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