Further investigations on auditory profiling

Raul Sanchez-Lopez

The consequences of sensorineural hearing loss are diverse. Hearing deficits are typically associated to the loss of sensitivity, and hearing impairment is still assessed clinically based on pure-tone thresholds. Nevertheless, supra-threshold auditory processing abilities are crucial when the incoming sound is audible and well above threshold. Interestingly, normal conversational levels in quiet have been found to be around 65 dB SPL, a level much above hearing threshold. Continuing with the work started during my PhD, I intend to characterize the auditory deficits by means of auditory profiling. In this project the associations between auditory profiles, speech intelligibility,  loudness  and spectro-temporal resolution will be further investigated towards a better understanding of impaired mechanisms behind the perceptual deficits."


Raul Sanchez Lopez
Guest researcher
DTU Health Tech